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How do I become an FHP?

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There are two parts to our course:


The Theory element of the Foot Health course consists of 12 Modules each with an assessment and Portfolio.

You can work at your own pace, but we do not recommend completion of more than 1 Module per fortnight. The Module assessments completed online give you immediate feedback.

You can enrol and pay for the Theory only to begin with at just £592 and can pay for the clinical training when you are ready, or you can pay for the full course with the option of spreading the cost over 12 months. See our Enrolment page for more information.


Upon successful completion of the Theory element you are then welcomed to The SMAE Institute for your Clinical Training. This consists of 2 weeks training, Monday-Friday and costs £1,319. See our Enrolment page for more information about spreading the costs.

Here you will gain hands-on experience, reinforcing your theory and giving you the core skills with which to work in the world of Foot Health. You will meet people from all walks of life and gain new friendships with other Students.

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