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FHP Course: What is involved in Clinical Training?

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"The Clinical practice has been an amazing experience and the Tutors were fabulous. So, so helpful and everyone wants to see you succeed so it is extremely motivating and uplifting. You will all enjoy!" L.Woodward

Clinical Training 

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The clinics at Maidenhead treat over 14,000 patients per year, thus offering a comprehensive range of medical conditions with which our students can develop real "hands-on" experience.

Actually seeing, understanding and working with patients is an important part of our training.

As well as working on foot complaints such as calluses and corns, the student will learn to treat verruca/warts using chemicals and will see demonstrations of cryosurgery (freezing). In addition, the student will learn how to reduce nails with a variety of nail drills and nippers and learn scalpel technique.

During their clinical training the student will be taught how to treat diabetic patients, elderly patients and those with peripherhal neuropathies. The student will also be taught to make detachable pads and will be shown how to treat conditions such as metatarsalgia, and flat foot. All of these are studied prior to the clinical training and therefore this allows the students to develop their knowledge through clinical experience.

The Clinic is open for Clinical Training all year round except for two weeks over the Christmas period. Therefore you are able to choose the dates to attend the Clinical Training so that you fit the time away from home around your personal commitments.

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The clinical training curriculum includes experience involving:

Smae Institute Graduates

- Padding techniques
- Use of surgical drills
- Diagnosis of common foot problems
- Care of the elderly foot
- Management of septic conditions
- Management of disorders of the nail
- Treatment of verruca
- Practice management