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Foot Health Professional Clinical Training

FHP Clinical Training

The clinics at Maidenhead treat over 14,000 patients per year, thus offering a comprehensive range of medical conditions with which our students can develop real “hands-on” experience.

Actually seeing, understanding and working with patients is an important part of our training.

As well as working on foot complaints such as calluses and corns, the student will learn to treat verruca/warts using chemicals and will see demonstrations of cryosurgery (freezing). In addition, the student will learn how to reduce nails with a variety of nail drills and nippers and learn scalpel technique.

During their clinical training the student will be taught how to treat diabetic patients, elderly patients and those with peripherhal neuropathies. The student will also be taught to make detachable pads and will be shown how to treat conditions such as metatarsalgia, and flat foot. All of these are studied prior to the clinical training and therefore this allows the students to develop their knowledge through clinical experience.

The Clinic is open for Clinical Training all year round except for two weeks over the Christmas period. Therefore you are able to choose the dates to attend the Clinical Training so that you fit the time away from home around your personal commitments.


  • Padding techniques
  • Use of surgical drills
  • Diagnosis of common foot problems
  • Care of the elderly foot
  • Management of septic conditions
  • Management of disorders of the nail
  • Treatment of verruca
  • Practice management

Meet The Tutors

What qualification will I be awarded?

Upon successful completion of the theory and practical element (Diploma) you will receive a Diploma in Foot Health (Dip FH), which is credit rated at 60 Higher Education Credits. Once qualified the initials you may use after your name are “Dip FH”.

Once qualified you are invited to join the British Association of Foot Health Professionals (BAFHP) where membership includes indemnity insurance to practise, and a number of extras, such as a copies of our Quarterly Journal and monthly Newsletters throughout the year. You also have the option of joining one of the 13 regional branches where members meet up quarterly.

You will have eligibility for Membership of the College of Foot Health Professionals (MCFHP) and Membership of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals (MAFHP) meaning upon qualified and insured the initials you may use after your name are “Dip FH, MCFHP MAFHP”.

Overseas students will need to ensure that they can obtain insurance to practice in their home countries after successful completion of their course. They may, however, apply for “Membership Only” which will enable them to use the following initials after their name “Dip FH, MCFHP MAFHP”. The “Membership Only” option is only available to individuals residing overseas and does not include insurance to practice. 

Theory and Clinical Training

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"Great course and really pleased I chose the SMAE Institute! Really pleased with the quality of the books we were sent to study from, and the speed at which everything arrived!"


"Even though it is distance learning I feel that you are not far away for help or even a chat. I like the fact that you have photos on the site as it feels like you are talking to real people, which is reassuring!"

– J. Cole

"The Clinical practice has been an amazing experience and the Tutors were fabulous. So, so helpful and everyone wants to see you succeed so it is extremely motivating and uplifting. You will all enjoy!"

– L. Woodward

"I am completely happy with the content and structure of the course and find it fits in well with work as I do shift work so can't always study at a regular time. I feel the support is there when you need it and the feedback you get is excellent."

– Mrs Bee

"I had to make some phone calls and they could not have been nicer or more helpful. The person who answered my queries was very professional and knowledgeable without having to be passed to a different department or person."

– J. Kenna

"When contacting the Institute, I always received excellent support."

– T. Wright

"Online tutor chat is very, very helpful and great due to quick response times."

– L. Hockey

"Really enjoyed the clinical training, everything was very absorbing and interesting. I like the way we were taught because it was organised, comprehensive and easy to follow."

– I. Rowlands

"I attended an open day and enrolled on the same day... I was very impressed with the organisation, all staff were extremely helpful."

– C. Victor

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