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FHP Course: What is involved?

Theory & Clinical Training in Foot Health

"I am completely happy with the content and structure of the course and find it fits in well with work as I do shift work so can't always study at a regular time. I feel the support is there when you need it and the feedback you get is excellent." Mrs Bee

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The emphasis of our training is on a sound theoretical background, upon which we build with intensive clinical tuition. We provide students with real "hands-on" experience, treating patients with the conditions they are most likely to see in practice. Students have the benefit of personal tuition and are able to consult with a tutor on all aspects of the course and their future career.

Students study with us using a proven teaching method called "blended learning" consisting of specially written texts and videos and online resources, along with guidance from the Tutor's and staff. The Smae Institute provides all the course material that you need, which includes a variety of textbooks, access to our FHP e-Learning website, theory modules (online or paper based), Portfolio Tasks, a number of Forums where you can interact with other students, online Journals and a personal student document folder.

We are the only Credit Rated Foot Health Course in the UK. Our course is Credit Rated by Queen Margaret University and carries 60 Higher Education Credits at Level 4. We are the only Institute to offer an FHP Diploma at this level. Our Diploma is equivalent to half of the first year of an undergraduate degree program.

Theory Modules

The Theory section of our Foot Health Professional course consists of the following:

- 12 Theory Modules (Paper based or Online)
- 12 Portfolio Tasks

This part of our course has always received great care and attention and we are proud of the way in which we teach the Foot Health Professional course by this home study method. The course deals with all subjects in a comprehensive manner and is written to make learning a pleasure. The perfect way to study the theory course is to set aside a small number of hours each day enabling you to understand each module's content as you make your way through the course.

The Syllabus

Unit 1: Research, study and critical appraisal skills
Unit 2: Anatomy & Physiology
Unit 3: Anatomy of Motion
Unit 4: Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems
Unit 5: The Nervous System
Unit 6: The Skin
Unit 7: The Structure & Function of the Foot
Unit 8: Digital Deformity & Nail Conditions
Unit 9: Microbiology
Unit 10: Medicaments & Therapies
Unit 11: High Risk Foot
Unit 12: Business Practice

Each module unit contains a variety of online activities to help you understand the content you are studying and comprises of a multiple choice Module Assessment which is your pathway to the following module.

"I had to make some phone calls and they could not have been nicer or more helpful. The person who answered my queries was very professional and knowledgeable without having to be passed to a different department or person" J. Kenna

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